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Tips on how to stay sane during the Covid-19 pandemic

The uncertainty about the future which the pandemic has sprung upon us has been the biggest mental challenge for many during Covid-19. This uncertainty coupled with having more spare time on our hands during lockdown has made many of us anxious about the future and our wellbeing.


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Tips on how to stay sane during the Covid-19 pandemic

The team at House of Health and Wellbeing have compiled some essential tips on how to look after yourself and mental health during this time.

Make plans

Lots of sitting around at home and feeling like there is nothing to do can be daunting. While we may not be able to do everything we once could, such as booking a holiday abroad with confidence or making plans to meet up with large groups of friends, we can still make plans for ourselves.

Making small plans for ourselves will simultaneously give us something to look forward to as well as giving us a sense of routine which will help our mental wellbeing. Plans can be small and simple such as scheduling a call with a friend, an evening to have a hot bath, a weekend hike or simply some scheduled time off work to relax. Making plans that we will be able to keep will also help us to feel grounded and more in control of our reality.

Stay organised

When we are living and working in the same place, then staying organised is a great way to keep productivity and motivation up. Clearing your workspace at the end of every day or taking on a task such as filing all your paperwork and getting rid of old documents you no longer need will both give you a sense of accomplishment as well as keeping your workspace refreshed.

Even an activity as simple as making your bed every morning will help to give your life some structure as well as a sense of control, which can be a really big help in these uncertain times.

Be grateful

It may sound simple but focusing on the positives rather than the negatives during times of distress can have a huge impact on our mindset and overall sense of wellbeing. Remembering that we still have lots to be grateful for despite the current hardship will really help to stop negative thinking patterns in their tracks.

Eat and sleep well

Keeping a proper diet and sleep routine will be a huge benefit to many during this hard time. Eating less sugar, taking vitamins, getting enough sleep and limiting screen time will all help to achieve a sense of balance and wellbeing. Taking some exercise or even going out for a short walk will also help to boost spirits.

Get creative

Using this extra time to get creative and start a new hobby can help to boost mental wellbeing. Creative exercises will give you a sense of accomplishment as well as being something relaxing to do instead of reading the news.

Stay connected to friends

Staying connected to friends and loved ones by having meaningful interactions with them will help to strengthen your social network and to make you feel less isolated. This does not mean spending more time on social media, instead make the effort to properly catch up with people either over the phone or video software.

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